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At Bactifeed we believe sustainable agriculture starts from the ground up. We help growers get the most out of their soils in a natural way that won’t break the budget.

Bactifeed Features and Benefits

• Bactifeed Soil System compliments your existing fertilizer protocols as it aids in the breakdown of nutrients making more available for plant uptake. This helps reduce fertilizer needs.

• Bactifeed improves the health of your soil with every application as it helps breakdown toxic residues and buffer salts by increasing soil’s biological activity.

• Bactifeed aids in the breakdown of organic residues in the soil through the biological process, increasing organic matter.

• Bactifeed will help change the soil structure, improve aeration, water penetration and water retention as the biological content of the soil improves, which can save water.

• Bactifeed biological system also helps reduces compaction and stimulates a healthier root mass for better nutrient uptake and less stress on the plant. Healthier soil’s mean healthier plants and increased productivity and quality.

• Bactifeed helps improves seed germination and early development of the roots. Fields have more even growth and greater density as the Bactifeed improves the soil’s health.

• Bactifeed not only has several strains of bacteria, fungals and produces enzymes, but it also stimulates biological activity of indigenous bacteria in your soil.

• As the soil structure changes through the use of Bactifeed, soil become easier to work at the end of the season and preparing for the planting.

• Bactifeed comes in a concentrated dry form that when activated in water, a Standard Package size will cover up to 160 acres for a single application.

• Bactifeed may be applied in many different ways, water ran in flood irrigation, injected into pivots, sprinklers or drip lines, or be sprayed on.

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