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Neighbors stop and ask, "What are you guys doing?"


by Leon Leavitt

Delta. UT - The Oliver Brothers Carl and Larry have been haying for decades.

The results have been impressive. Larry comments, "We have seen better utilization of water. It is being retained so the plants can use it. The fields are uniform; there are no waves or dips. The health of the plant is not the same. It's greener than other hay. It has different growing characteristics.


Our neighbors have noticed a different color and thought we were putting on phosphorous. “The bottom line is that it works."

Another field of 15 acres had been in production for ten years. It had nematode problems and it was time to take it out. Bactifeed was applied and the effect was that the hay just kept rejuvenating itself and kept getting better and better. They dug up samples to be tested and there are virtually no nematodes. Experts told them that was impossible. It still is in production and is thriving profusely. 

Their yield has increased significantly. In the first year they applied Bactifeed on a 12-acre field, they harvested 21 to 25 ton bales on the first crop. Last year they got 48, 32, and 31 ton bales for the three cuttings, respectively. This year's 1st crop was 36 bales, 2nd crop was 31 bales, and 3rd crop was yet to be cut. Overall they have had a 25% increase in some fields.

Carl says, "This spring I got 69 one-ton bales off of 17 acres of first cutting. That's unheard of in this area. We're inching up to 8 ton/acre on this ground that has been put in new hay and been using Bactifeed microbes. There is an accumulative effect taking place in the soil with these microbes. We are using less of it than with other products. Every year there is an improvement." 


Larry adds, "It seems like the plants are now pulling the nutrients out of the soil that have been locked up before. We're using a little less fertilizer now, but I want to push the plants as hard as we can. I want a good buffer zone. Farming got to be that you just had to do it to survive, but now it's fun. I'm looking forward each year to see what we can do. The buyers of our hay notice it. The quality of the hay is better. We had a dairyman come out a couple of months ago and said, 'I like what you guys are doing. We want to do business with you.' People notice these uniform stands."


Carl concludes, "Neighbors stop and ask, 'What are you guys doing?' The custom harvester that cuts our hay for several years has seen a change. He saw what we are doing and now he is using Bactifeed on his fields. I've got some friends that are using it now and we are getting quite a following around here. If someone is successful you want to be part of that same team. We think it's kind of fun to do that. It's nice to think that you are on the cutting edge of what's happening rather than be back in the 'Dark Ages', you know. Bactifeed products will be part of our farming experience as long as I will be around."

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